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                                                         Pilates Reformer 

Is an exercise machine designed to tone and strengthen not just your core, but your entire body! It adds resistance to the movement  and by overcoming this resistance in a full range of motion you build strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. It's possible for anyone to use at any level

                                                       Pilates Springboard

Is designed equipment that provides an invigorating full body workout using spring resistance 


                                                       Pilates Jumpboard 

Is an attachment that converts a reformer into a horizontal jumping aerobic machine. The spring tension takes gravity out of the equation, so it places much less stress on the joints while challenging the core, coordination, elevating the heart rate and strengthening muscles



Is a suspension training system that leverages gravity and body weight to perform hundreds of exercises in an effective way to build muscle while combine cardio with strength training


                                                       Pilates Props 

We offer various Pilates props in order for you to get a well balanced, effective and fun workout using:

          Pilates Arc, Balls, Magic Circle, Weights, Yoga blocks, balance pads, foam roller, therabands and more…

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